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Oct 3 Megagame Recap

On October 3, 30+ world leaders came together to resolve the world’s conflicts. Instead, a biological terrorist released 4 epidemics across the globe, and 1 mutated into a super virus initiating the zombie apocalypse. While the CDC quickly went to work on treating and containing the diseases, scientists began racing against time to craft a cure, while the angels and demons of our very nature began to battle over technology. The Pope tried to assassinate a Continue reading Oct 3 Megagame Recap

ALLIANCE Megagame Logo

ALLIANCE megagame almost ready to publish!

The world needs new leadership. Are you read to be prime minister, a military commander, a calculating economist, or a mad scientist? Each nation-team will have to negotiate, compete, collude, go to war, and collaborate to resolve countless international conflicts.

Megagames are one part board game, two parts role playing, and three parts epic experience. Play with as few as 5 players or as many as 60 players, this megagame is perfect for classrooms, parties, and megagame events.

Over the course of the¬†last 2 years I’ve been developing a board game to teach students world-wide problem solving through play and collaboration. We often ask students to quietly¬† work independently while placing them next to each other, but how often do we utilize our state sponsored opportunity to have them collaborate to solve epic problems together? By allowing them to role-play as world leaders, perhaps they will take the first steps to becoming world leaders.

The game is nearly finished. I only need to produce a few more graphics and upload them to my Game publisher account. As soon as it is done I’ll publish it and make it available to teachers everywhere. Sign up for my newsletter to find out when it becomes available.