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Great Boy the Game Kickstarter has officially launched!

The Kickstarter project is live!!!

Great Boy the Game is a 1~3 player narrative puzzle that gives the players a chance to work out a mysterious miracle story about Elijah from the bible.  Players will have to

  • Explore locations
  • Find items including clues, spiritual weapons, non-playable characters, tradeable goods, and scriptures key to solving the puzzles
  • maintain their strength and confidence stats
  • make really difficult choices that alter the course of the game
  • fight spiritual battles

The game will be made up of nearly 100 tarot-sized (2.75 x 4.75 inch) cards, each with original art!

The art is nearly complete and I will soon begin game testing the newer version. We had some success game testing the earlier version, but this version is much much better which gives me the confidence to launch the kickstarter campaign.

Great Boy the Game locations map
Great Boy the Game locations map
Great Boy the Game card sets
Not all locations or cards are included here. There will be 90+ tarot-sized cards!
An article in a Taiwanese magazine about The Game Testing Team in Taiwan trying out an earlier version of the game!
An article in a Taiwanese magazine about The Game Testing Team in Taiwan trying out an earlier version of the game!
Great Boy the Game Promotional Poster
Great Boy the Game Promotional Poster

New Animation, Game Design, Programming, and Video Home School Classes at Techno Chaos in Houston, TX

Houston Home School Computer Art Classes

I’m officially teaching the following classes at Techno Chaos in Sugarland, TX, which will likely move to Stafford, TX (Southwest side of Houston) this spring! I teach mostly home school classes but we also have some competitive robotics clubs, maker-space clubs, and 3D printing clubs.

Click on the titles to see about pricing, times, and availability.

How to Build a Youtube Community

Learn how to bring together a community and the careers of professional creatives
by learning how to create with a sense of purpose, how to communicate more powerfully, how to safely design a youtube channel brand, how to produce videos, fundamentals of marketing, and creating interaction with an audience though a basic understanding of human nature.

Game Design, Concept Art, & Programming

Learn how to design all kinds of games with professional animator, web designer, and game designer Shaun D. McMillan, the creator of the ALLIANCE Megagame. Students will learn both game art, game mechanics through designer board games, and game programming through the game development software, Game Maker Studio.

Here is a video of us game testing one a game designed by one of the students

Character Design & Modeling with Maya

Learn to build 3D modeled shapes as characters to be animated in a film or game environment, and how to sculpt organic shapes in the world’s leading 3D software called, “Maya.”. In our Applied Learning weekly classes we will base the students lessons on their current skill level and adjust to keep them progressing towards their potential.

Graphic Design

Students can learn the fundamentals of Continue reading New Animation, Game Design, Programming, and Video Home School Classes at Techno Chaos in Houston, TX

alliance-last days - recap lowRes

Oct 3 Megagame Recap

On October 3, 30+ world leaders came together to resolve the world’s conflicts. Instead, a biological terrorist released 4 epidemics across the globe, and 1 mutated into a super virus initiating the zombie apocalypse. While the CDC quickly went to work on treating and containing the diseases, scientists began racing against time to craft a cure, while the angels and demons of our very nature began to battle over technology. The Pope tried to assassinate a Continue reading Oct 3 Megagame Recap

ALLIANCE Megagame Logo

ALLIANCE megagame almost ready to publish!

The world needs new leadership. Are you read to be prime minister, a military commander, a calculating economist, or a mad scientist? Each nation-team will have to negotiate, compete, collude, go to war, and collaborate to resolve countless international conflicts.

Megagames are one part board game, two parts role playing, and three parts epic experience. Play with as few as 5 players or as many as 60 players, this megagame is perfect for classrooms, parties, and megagame events.

Over the course of the last 2 years I’ve been developing a board game to teach students world-wide problem solving through play and collaboration. We often ask students to quietly  work independently while placing them next to each other, but how often do we utilize our state sponsored opportunity to have them collaborate to solve epic problems together? By allowing them to role-play as world leaders, perhaps they will take the first steps to becoming world leaders.

The game is nearly finished. I only need to produce a few more graphics and upload them to my Game publisher account. As soon as it is done I’ll publish it and make it available to teachers everywhere. Sign up for my newsletter to find out when it becomes available.

First professional print!

Game Preview

ALLIANCE is a political science simulation created by my high school game design students and I to help young people understand the dynamics of working towards world peace. In the game as many as 60 players role play as world leaders of 20 different nation teams to try and solve multiple geo-political crises, trade, and develop their nations. They learn first hand the importance of diplomacy, the necessity for self-defense, international interdependency, and cooperation.

The game can be played as a board game by as few as 5 players, or expanded into a megagame by 60 players. The game borrows key elements from Buckminster Fuller’s World Game, John Hunter’s World Peace Game, Settlers of Catan’s trading mechanics, and Archipelago’s economic mechanics. We also developed our own war mechanics. The students have freedom to maneuver economically, militarily, or technologically together or against other teams. There is also a lot of room for open creative ideas in the course of the game so that the students are not limited to conventional problem solving strategies.

This video shows what the game actually looks like in practice.

For a better explanation of how the game works you can watch this video below.

Here is a small sample of graphics created for the game. There are rule books for each of the three different roles, prime minister, secretary of defense, and lead scientist, but the rule books are more like a menu of actions that they can take and how to initiate them. A lot of the actual rules and mechanics are explained in these game components, cards, and player aids, so that they only need to worry about the rules that they currently need. We also have control players that operate like umpires to explain the rules as they play, so the students do not need to have all the rules memorized in order to play.

Jacob Basquez role-playing as the Prime Minister of the Wild Nation. In this version of the game his role was to recruit the rest of the nations to a secret faction rebelling against another secret faction. He did a terrific job.