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ALLIANCE megagame almost ready to publish!

The world needs new leadership. Are you read to be prime minister, a military commander, a calculating economist, or a mad scientist? Each nation-team will have to negotiate, compete, collude, go to war, and collaborate to resolve countless international conflicts.

Megagames are one part board game, two parts role playing, and three parts epic experience. Play with as few as 5 players or as many as 60 players, this megagame is perfect for classrooms, parties, and megagame events.

Over the course of the last 2 years I’ve been developing a board game to teach students world-wide problem solving through play and collaboration. We often ask students to quietly  work independently while placing them next to each other, but how often do we utilize our state sponsored opportunity to have them collaborate to solve epic problems together? By allowing them to role-play as world leaders, perhaps they will take the first steps to becoming world leaders.

The game is nearly finished. I only need to produce a few more graphics and upload them to my Game publisher account. As soon as it is done I’ll publish it and make it available to teachers everywhere. Sign up for my newsletter to find out when it becomes available.

  • Kasper

    So how is this going?
    The last newsletter I recieved is from 30/9 2015..
    Any progress? – It really looks interesting – danish teacher here..

    • Yes actually, I’ve been sharing it with teachers on an individual basis to test it out. A school ran it twice in New York and a school here in Houston is about to run it. I’m trying to optimize so it will be easier to run and less expensive at the moment. Are you interested in running a game in Europe?

      • Kasper

        Interested – yes, I’ve run a few premade roleplays, and made a few myself.
        But looking through the 3 manuals you’ve shared, I find that there is still a lot I don’t understand about the actual mecanics.
        I got hooked on the videos – but still seems a little confusing.

          • Kasper

            Right.. 😉
            That’ll take a while to chew through – nice layout on the first pages though – thanks for the share.
            About the actual cards – gamepack?
            Are they up for purchace? Download?
            I still need to go through the setup guide, to se if it is possible to have my students play it..

          • As you can see from the pdf, its a lot of components. And I currently have to order them from different vendors, so it’s not cheap. That’s why I’m trying to optimize it, and perhaps redesign some of it. Read through the materials and then email me when you think you are ready for the next step.

          • Kasper

            Will do – thanks for your support.