The game is currently in development. I could publish the game now, but due to the large number of components I feel the need to simplify some of the mechanics. In the meantime I know there are a lot of teachers who would like to experiment with the game even if it is still in its prototype stage. So I am currently offering the following options to help raise money for promotion and development.

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Teleconference with me for 1 hour

Free – Let’s schedule a time to discuss future possiblities. Simply email me to let me know what and when you have in mind. The tragedy of being an educator is that we are so busy that we become isolated, yet we thrive on exchanging ideas. Let’s tear down the walls of the classroom.

Simply email me what and when you want to discuss at

Get a copy of the rule books

guidebook cover -smalLosRes$15 + shipping – Let me mail you a copy of the facilitator setup guide as well as the Prime Minister player’s handbook, and Scientist player’s handbook. These booklets will explain the rules and setup in detail.

Simply email me your address at, let me know you want the rule books, and I’ll email you an invoice before I mail you the booklets.

Get the Setup Guide, Rules, and 20 National Briefings

agendas-combo$40 + shipping
– Need to persuade others to participate or sponsor the event? Let me send you all 20 of the national briefings, each outlining every nation’s individual character, objectives, and starting resources. These post-card sized game assets make it easy for anyone to understand why this is such a powerful political science simulation.

Simply email me your address at, let me know you want the rule books & National Briefings, and I’ll email you an invoice before I mail you the booklets.

Order a full card/component set

Hard to set a price on this. Due to the large number of components required from different vendors it almost too expensive for teachers paying out of pocket, and not profitable enough to help me promote the game or protect my assets after the long hours of design my students and I invested. Sign up for our newsletter to find out if and when I decide to publish the game, or run a crowd-sourcing campaign to print a large number of copies. I do occasionally let other teachers run the game to help collect feedback from their experience. Email me if you’d like to help develop it, test play it, or contribute any ideas.

Let me visit your school!

$1200 No additional fees (travel costs included in price) – I love sharing about game design, so let me come speak to your school. The price may change for international travel or last second flight tickets.

Host an ALLIANCE Megagame event at your school

$2000 I’ll personally come and run the game for your students. I’ll bring all the materials and use the funds to cover my travel costs. Price may change based on travel needs.

Let’s design a custom version of ALLIANCE for your organization

$4000 – I welcome the challenge to create original or modified simulations for students. The price may vary depending one the design needs of your game and the scope of collaboration needed to complete the project.

For all inquiries email me at