New Animation, Game Design, Programming, and Video Home School Classes at Techno Chaos in Houston, TX

Houston Home School Computer Art Classes

I’m officially teaching the following classes at Techno Chaos in Sugarland, TX, which will likely move to Stafford, TX (Southwest side of Houston) this spring! I teach mostly home school classes but we also have some competitive robotics clubs, maker-space clubs, and 3D printing clubs.

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How to Build a Youtube Community

Learn how to bring together a community and the careers of professional creatives
by learning how to create with a sense of purpose, how to communicate more powerfully, how to safely design a youtube channel brand, how to produce videos, fundamentals of marketing, and creating interaction with an audience though a basic understanding of human nature.

Game Design, Concept Art, & Programming

Learn how to design all kinds of games with professional animator, web designer, and game designer Shaun D. McMillan, the creator of the ALLIANCE Megagame. Students will learn both game art, game mechanics through designer board games, and game programming through the game development software, Game Maker Studio.

Here is a video of us game testing one a game designed by one of the students

Character Design & Modeling with Maya

Learn to build 3D modeled shapes as characters to be animated in a film or game environment, and how to sculpt organic shapes in the world’s leading 3D software called, “Maya.”. In our Applied Learning weekly classes we will base the students lessons on their current skill level and adjust to keep them progressing towards their potential.

Graphic Design

Students can learn the fundamentals of illustration, photography, animation, videography, website design, 3D character design, and how to present their art professionally through the use of digital imaging tools. Students do not need to be good at drawing, but will learn to use their unique creative abilities in collaboration with peers to communicate powerfully through visuals.

History of Invention with Minecraft

Learn the history of civilization, culture, technology, the history of invention, and about America’s rich history of innovation through the use of minecraft, videos, and interactive games with professional game designer Shaun D. McMillan.

Shaun @ Techno Chaos

Shaun D. McMillan

Mr. Shaun D. McMillan is a professional animator, illustrator, web & graphic designer, and game designer! These days he takes joy in designing fun experiences for the classroom, which is what lead him to develop such games as ALLIANCE, the political science megagame for students. Always learning new approaches to education, he is utilizing project based learning, design thinking, and learning through play to help students develop their unique creative potential in collaboration with a team of peers. Simply search his name to find his artwork and collaborative projects all over the internet.